Please Pardon Our Construction
Our training philosophy is based on never allowing the dog to
make a mistake.  How is that possible?  

Well, it is a goal of course.  But we train in such a way that we
"form the behavior".  That is, we show the dog what we want him
to do first, usually using food, and then "test" the dog to see if
he understands the behavior or not.  If not, we continue forming
the behavior until the dog understands.  

We rarely if ever, correct the dog.  The only reason for
correction would be if the dog KNOWS what he is supposed to
do and CHOOSES not to do it.  Well, in this case, we are never
sure, so we always give the dog the benefit of the doubt.

The foundation of our training is to teach the dog to pay
attention to us, as you see Gabe doing in the photo at right.  
(Gabe is our name sake who is 13 in this picture)  Just like kids,
dogs cannot learn if they are not paying attention.  So we teach
attention first, in a positive, fun way.  

Our training is also based on playing with your dog after each
exercise - it has to be fun - not boring - for the dog.

It works!  Come and see for yourself!  You are welcome to watch
a class at any time.  

We look forward to meeting you and your great canine
companion in one of our future classes!